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A little about me...

When I create, I am open to an energy that seems to take me to a higher ground. A place where I am free from the restrictions of my mind, where I connect with dreams and music, and there is no such thing as time.


Through intertwined memories, I’ve come to understand how my relationship with color became the roots of my journey into art. Long before my fingertips moved chalk across a naked landscape of paper, or I held a paintbrush, I was drawn to the colors of my feelings, highlighted by family, friendships, dreams, and music.


Although my paintings do not directly represent these memories, the colorful feelings I carry, lie just below the surface of each piece, offering comfort and inspiration. I am grateful for the love and kindness I recall, and especially the joy that blessed me early in life. As if it were yesterday, I feel a yellow sun surrounding Florence, my grandmother, talking on the phone to her girlfriends at day break, near the kitchen as biscuits baked, bacon and catfish fried, and gravy simmered in her Missouri home. I see bleached cottons flapping in the breeze, soon to be white, ironed sheets and pillowcases that would hold me close, in a cleansing way, wrapping me with my mother’s love. I hear my dad whistle tunes, and am reminded of how words and music called to him, and in turn, now call to me, stirring feelings of blue, of sadness. In the eyes of a mystical sea turtle that I happened upon while venturing into the ocean waters years ago, shines a rare green.


It is my hope that by creating art, I am sharing with you, a light that lifts your spirit.


P.S.  I also love to write...See more about my book "A Chair Full of Heart"

A Chair Full of Heart - $12 (includes shipping)

by Vicky Cavin

"A Chair Full of Heart" is an eye-catching new book that shares an intimate glimpse of a daughter's relationship with her mother. Using the spare beauty of poetic verse, author Vicky Cavin tells her simple but touching story in just a few lines. With well-chosen words, complemented by the stunning watercolor illustrations of artist Sally Simmer, Cavin reveals the power of their special bond. Charming without being cloying, "A Chair Full of Heart" will please the senses and feed the soul, a rare combination.

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